Arctic Pulk


Arctic Pulk`s scooter pulk - sleigh models are rotary cast in polyethylene.
Polyethylene is a plastic material that has extraordinary good qualities, especially within very low temperatures.

Polyethylene is so-called homogeneous, that means it is cast throughout by the same material,
in other words, -no top coating or varnish that can be worn out and reduce the quality of the
pulk-sleigh frame in use.

In other words, polyethylene is one of the strongest, most resistant and maintenance free materials available.

Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly material, and considered to be among the most environmentally friendly available materials on the market.

Polyethylene is not a cheap material to use for the production, but the quality of the material is necessary for use after a scooter. Arctic Cordura is durable, tear- resistant and has long traditions in use together with the quality products.

Cordura type that we use, is covered inside to be as much water resistant and water -repellent
as possible.

Arctic Pulk`s tow bar.
Tow bar are varnished in power for the best possible quality for outdoor use.
Tow bar have patented sleigh fastenings so that they can be dismantled easier from the sleigh.


Towing bar have rustproof components as draw bolt with double action spring system for the
best possible comfort while driving.       


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Arctic Pulk