Arctic Pulk


About Arctic Pulk AS
The company has been established as a private Norwegian stock company with many significant stock holders as the owners.

The managing director is Remy Jørgensen
Arctic Pulk AS has its largest market in Scandinavia and the USA /Canada.
” Scooter-pulk- sleigh” concept has been developed for- and in co-operation with the Armed Forces as a clinging to the belt vehicles and snowmobils.

Polyethylene, in combination with a nice design, is the key for our concept, while this material is so solid, strong and resistant, that within the extremely low temperatures it stands the debit that can be and shall be exposed to while driving after the snowmobil. (For example, at -20 C the polyethylene can stand 20 - 25 times more, compared to the ordinary fiberglass of the same thickness).

Later, we have developed the model “Touring” for the personal consumption market.  Many mountain trip lovers are enthusiastic about the model, that makes it easier to come forth,  especially within the difficult snowy weather condition, with lots of precipitation and / or surface water in the mountains.

Model “Rescue” is also well responded to by the users, and as the only rescue sleigh on the market it is especially designed to be used right after the snowmobile.

Today “Rescue” is used by Norwegian Red Cross Ski patrol, Civil Defense, Norwegian People’s Help organization, Home Guard, private alpine grounds, sports clubs with ski track.
Today, Arctic Pulk AS is a leader within development, production and sales of sleigh for the use after caterpillar track vehicles, and snowmobiles.           


Arctic Pulk